Work in France, discover how to find a job in the French country

Summer Jobs and seasonal jobs

If you are interested in find a summer job or seasonal job (agriculture, hotel, catering industry, tourism, etc.) here you can find,  several websites of the French Ministry of Labor, of the European Union, as well as other websites where you can access the offers: First UE internship program website. Webpage intended for internships between 3 and 7 months, for young people from 18 to 30 years old.

Pô  French public labour agency website.  This website has a search engine you can use to find seasonal jobs.  This website is leader in job offers in France. Following the link, you can find directly seasonal job available in France. Web of temporary seasonal employment offers by sector (restaurants, hotels, restaurants, entertainment and services).

Temporary Work Agencies operating in France

The following list shows the main temporary work agencies located in France (called in French “Agences d´interim”). To look for a local or regional office of these agencies, just follow the link “find office”.

Agencies  Sectors Nº Offices Find office Job offers
Adecco All 1021 Find Agency Job Offers
Adéquat  All 68 Find Agency Job Offers
Adia All 449 Find Agency Job Offers
Aile Medicale Medical-sanitary personnel 16 Find Agency Job Offers
Arobase Intérim Aeronautics 8 Find Agency Job Offers
Isa Developpement All 7 Find Agency Job Offers
Crit All 395 Find Agency Job Offers
Domino Interim All 13 Find Agency Job Offers
Expectra Engineering , Industry, IT/Software, Telecom, Commercial Marketing, HHRR 78 Find Agency Job Offers
Groupe Partnaire Industry, IT/Software,Service 51 Find Agency Job Offers
Groupe Proman All 84 Find Agency Job Offers
Hays All 14 Find Agency Job Offers
Intéraction Construction, Industry, Logistics, Agriculture/Food Instry, Medical, Services 20 Find Agency Job Offers
Jubil Intérim All 14 Find Agency Job Offers
Leader interim Agriculture, Civil Works, Industry, Services 76 Find Agency Job Offers
Manpower All 1061 Find Agency Job Offers
Page Personnel All 21 Find Agency Job Offers
Permanence Européenne Industry (Aeronautics, Naval Engineering), Electronics, Construction 21 Find Agency Job Offers
Planett All 16 Find Agency Job Offers
Plus interim All 25 Find Agency Job Offers
Randstad All 660 Find Agency Job Offers
Start People All 183 Find Agency Job Offers
Sup Intérim All 49 Find Agency Job Offers
Synergie All 285 Find Agency Job Offers

Other additional temporary work agencies in France

Summer Jobs for young people

If you are between 18 and 28, you can Access to the job offers posted by the “Youth Information Centre” (“Cidj” in French).  In this centre website, you can select the sector and French area you are interested in, to find the offers that match your needs

Other useful websites, to find summer jobs in France for young people are:

Summer job offers, by region:

Work in the grape harvest

More info about grape harvest in:  French grape harvest complete guide

To find a temporary job in France for the grape harvest is not easy.  But also, is not impossible.

Two main agencies involved in coordinate grape harvest job offers are:  National Agency for agriculture in France (ANEFA), and Public Agency for the Employment (“Pôle Emploi”). Both of them post job offers in their websites. And there is also another website also useful to find this kind of seasonal offers. You can use the following list of resources to find offers:

Work in the catering industry/restaurants in France

If you are interested in work in the catering industry/restaurants in France, you should read the following guide we have prepare, related this matter,

Work as “au pair” in France

We recommend you, also to read the specific article: Work as “au pair” in France

If you are between 18 and 30 years old, and you have god aptitude working with children, you can take the opportunity of work as a baby-sitter with a French family. With meals and accommodation included, you will get paid for take care of children and help with some housework, and you have enough spare time to take French language classes at the same time. This kind of Works use to long for no more than one year.

You can apply for an “au-pair” job in many agencies located in France and specialized in this kind of Jobs. These agencies also are part of the International Au-pair Organization (IAPA). Some of these agencies, are the following:

You can also look for a “au-pair” job on your own, but in this case, you should contact directly with a French family.  Searching through internet you can find several offers posted but be careful because some offers could be frauds. For example: If you are asked to pay some money to access the offer, and we you arrive the family does not exist!

There is also a specific website you can use, to contact families looking for an au-pair directly. And also, you can discuss and ask question related to the offer job conditions and accommodation offered.

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Social Security in France

To register yourself in the social security system in France, after you have find a job. You should fill and send the following application form. Assurance maladie Francia

For more information regarding Social Security in France, you can check the following link: