French courses in France for adults 2018

One of the best ways to learn French, is to move to France and take a French course, while living in the country. In France, there are a lot of organizations that offers intensive French language courses. For both, students and non-students.

The “Alliance Française” (French Alliance), is the best-known organization you can chose to study French in France, or abroad. You will find Alliance Française offices in the main cities of France. You can also apply for the French courses in the Alliance Française offices located in Spain. There courses for summer and for the whole year. Prices are between 400 EUR and 2.000 EUR, depending on: if accommodation is included or not, the city and the course duration.


Study French in France, ¿What things should I consider?


The French Education Ministry has a quality seal that distinguish the education centers that achieve high standards in different aspects (warm welcome, formation, facilities, management, teachers, etc.). I recommend you look for this quality seal logotype in the education centers, to assure that they will match all requirements, and you will study there comfortably without any issue. In the following link you will find a France map with all the centers you can study for French language as a foreign language.

The following list show French academies that offers French courses for adults.


Intensive French language courses in Paris


The French capital city attracts the biggest number of French language students in the country.  For this reason, Paris has a big offer of French academies for any kind of people. The most important French academies you can find in the city of light (Paris) are: La Sorbonne, Alliance Française Paris Ile-de-France, Le Collège de Paris, ELFE, and France Langue with 2 educational centers (Paris Notre-Dame, and Victor Hugo).

With the following list, you will be able to find the academy that better suits your need, to study and learn French in France. Intensive courses, and French immersion programs, are available at most of these institutions.


French courses from Alliance Française in Paris


The main office of Alliance Française in Paris is one the most important language educational centers in the French capital. Located in the center of Paris, has seventy classrooms, and a multimedia center dedicated to the French language learning. It also offers a service to help their students finding accommodation.

Price may differ depending the options selected, but for example you can get a 2-week intensive French course in Paris, including accommodation from 1.300 EUR. You can also check their webpage for more detailed information.

The French Alliance in Paris Île-de-France also help students to prepare themselves for the official tests: DELF, DALF and TCO.


French courses for adults from the Paris City Council


Paris City Council offers French courses for foreign people living in Paris. Courses are more affordable (prices around 120 EUR), and are courses for the whole year, with special programs in summertime. In this link you can apply to these city council courses. Applications are open for anyone above 18 years old, no matter there are Paris residents or not.


Other schools to study French language in France


Ecole l’Etoile

You can find this French language specialized school, in the middle of historic center of Saint-Germain-des-Prés.  With 45 years of experience, this school is the perfect place for foreign students that want to learn French language. All their teacher are native French spoken and have a foreign master in French language studies. Since 10 years ago, the quality offer by this school has been distinguished with the FLE seal of quality. Course price are between 500 EUR and 5000 EUR, depending of the duration, and specific content of the course.

Ecole Suisse Internationale

Ecole Suisse Internationale (International Swiss School), offers high quality courses to reduced group of students, and a warm treat (all in French). The learning is made by interactive and ludic methods and is focused in the student’s specific requirements. All the programs are based in the European Common Reference for language teaching, and the French courses are offered in three different levels: elemental, intermediate and advanced.

Paris Catholic Institute 

Paris Catholic Institute is involved in the French language teaching since more than 65 years. The teaching offered by Paris Catholic Institute is made to measure and adapted to the personal learning Project of each student. 2500 students from a lot of countries, take their courses each year in Paris Catholic Institute. These students have the opportunity of learning and improving their knowledge in the French language, and in the French culture, into a university environment.

French As You Like It

Offers French classes for adults, families and kids above 4 years old. The classes are offered in intensive sessions for small groups during the whole year. The students have the opportunity to learn into an outside the classroom during the year. Flexible timetables allow to arrange classes in labour days, or for the weekends. Also, specific preparation for the DELF, DALF, Sorbonne and CCIP tests, are offered.

My French Course

This school is specialized in private French language courses, in the center of Paris. Courses are aimed at: students, au pairs, expatriates, employees, tourists, unemployed people, or anyone interested in learning or improving their French language knowledge.  The school offers general French courses and specialized coursed for business, also divided in various areas: French for tourism industry, for restauration, for fashion industry, for diplomatic personnel, for banking or insurance employees, for lawyers, etc.  And also helps students that want to prepare themselves for specific French official tests.

Summer University of Sorbonne

Sorbonne’s faculty offers the French immersion courses named “Summer University in the Sorbonne” from 2nd to 27th of July 2018. Program is divided into various matters:  Fine Arts, Humanities, etc. Courses can be combined with cultural activities like: concerts, games, gastronomic visits in Paris, etc.  For students that take these courses is possible to get accommodation in a student hostel (rooms are limited)

Lutèce Langue Paris

Since 1997, Lutèce Langue offers general and professional French language courses, for small groups from 2 to 7 students. Classes are focused into improve spoken French abilities.

With their intensives courses you can acquire general basis of French language, and develop specialized thematic classes:  conversation, phonetics, written, grammar, test preparation, and professional French. Lutèce Langue is in the heart of Paris (Châtelet), very close to the Centre Pompidou, Marais, Cité Notre-Dame and the Louvre Museum.

ELFE – Ecole de langue française

Small groups and made to measure learning plan are available at this School. ELFE is private university teaching center located in the center of Paris.

France Langue Paris

This school has two teaching center in two very well kwon Paris districts: The Victor Hugo center, located very close to the Champs Elysees, and the other one in the historic center in Notre Dame. The school offers a fresh environment.  Courses offered includes: General French, professional French, French for tourist industry, French for commerce, French for fashion and retail industry, and French for History and fine arts. Also, preparation for TCF official test is available. The French immersion program of this school is one of the most interesting, that mix the French study and learning, with immersive social and cultural activities.