What is a cover letter/motivational letter in France?


In France as in many other countries, it is very usual and almost a must, to send a cover letter with you CV, when you apply for a job.

A cover letter, are used to introduce yourself to the persons that are hiring personnel for a job. In this letter, the candidate should explain reason why he/she considers that he/she is an appropriate candidate for the job offered.Employers or HHR personnel are looking for letter written by the candidate for the specific position, in a polite way, and showing good attitude and interest in the job offered.

These letters of introduction are used as first filter for the employers. That will discard anyone that doesn´t show interest, or have not the required communication skills required to write an appropriate letter.

Note that when you apply for a paid job, the letter used to be called “Cover letter“. While when apply for an internship, master, university, etc. The kind of letter used is a “Motivational letter“. In this articicle, we will focus in cover letters for job applications.

Cover letter in French examples

In the following list you can find examples of cover letters (In French “Lettres de motivation”) written in French. Some on them generic, and other ones specific for different job positions or sectors.

French “lettres de motivación”(cover letters) has a tipical paragraph structure. Here you can find some classical templates of cover letters


Cover letters by job position / economic sector

Are you looking to apply for a job in a specific position and you need a cover letter in French? In France it´s very usual to be required to send a cover letter with your CV, and to explain in this letter why you consider you are the appropiate person for the job


Cover letter samples for the Restaurant / Catering Industry in France



Cover letter examples for Hotel & Tourism industry


Hotel and tourism industries in France are important economic activities and generated thousand of jobs each year.


Cover letter examples for Engineering / Industrial sector


In the engineering and industrial sector, a cover letter can make the difference when applying for a job. In the following list you can download cover letter for different positions in these sectors, and customize them for your specific job application.


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